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Join Us!

We want to get people involved in and aware of the LGBTQ+ community, to make engineering at U of T a more welcoming and inclusive place for all. Does this sound like something you want to help accomplish? Then please join us in one of the ways below!
Are you passionate but busy and not sure how much you can commit? No worries! We have ways for everyone to get involved as much or as little as they want! Not LGBTQ+? No problem! We believe allies are an important part of making change and building our community. Find the way you want to
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Sign-up for our mailing list!

The easiest way to get involved and keep up to date with what QueerSphere is up to is by joining our mailing list! We try to get an email out about once a month plus an email to remind you of upcoming events. Too many emails already? Our social media is a good alternative to keep up to date as well!

Come to our Events!

You don't need to join our mailiing list to enjoy our activities. Attending events is a great way to meet new friends, have fun with current ones, and celebrate who we are and our community! The best way to increase visibility and awareness of LGBTQ+ engineers is to be visible at our events! You don't need to be queer to be welcome here, just be accepting and enjoy!

Volunteer with us!

Want some volunteer hours? Maybe some volunteering perks? Or maybe you just want to help out when you can! Either way, our club is still growing and we can always use volunteers! You can sign-up on an event basis in forms listed in the event details or you can sign-up for a separate volunteering mailing list COMING SOON! We offer volunteering at most of our major events!

Attend our meetings and help us plan!

Our general meetings are where the magic happens; with event ideas, planning, general LGBTQ+ discussions, and access to free food! Attend as often or as little as you'd like and help us make this club come to life. We are hoping to eventually have monthly general meetings, with a few extra themed discussions throught each school year. Want to attend a specific meeting but can't make it in-person? Let us know ahead of time and we can remote you in.

Apply to be on our Exec Team!!!

Starting in late March/early May (or somewhere in between) we will be opening execuative applications! Please sign-up for our mailing list for more information coming soon!